Captain Future #9: Quest Beyond the Stars

Captain Future #9: Quest Beyond the Stars

Hamilton, Edmond

Book 9.0 of Captain Future

language: English

Publisher: Thrilling

Publishing date: Jul 30, 2018

Words: 42684
Pages: 174


Ride With Curt Newton, the world’s greatest space-farer, and the Futuremen as they leave the known star trails to penetrate the source of cosmic rays, the very core of the universe! The Captain Future saga follows the super-science pulp hero Curt Newton, along with his companions, The Futuremen: Grag the giant robot, Otho the android, and Simon Wright the living brain in a box. Together, they travel the solar system in series of classic pulp adventures, many of which written by the author of *The Legion of Super-Heroes,* Edmond Hamilton.