Lost in Space

Lost in Space

Vinge, Joan D.

Language: English

Publisher: Harper Prism

Published: Jan 1, 1998

Words: 51887
Pages: 208


As Lost in Space, starring William Hurt and Gary Oldman, gets ready to blast off into movie blockbusterdom, Hugo Award-winning author Joan D. Vinge offer fans this action-packed audiobook based on the movie's exciting storyline. Capturing the Twists and Turns of Intergalactic fate, this exciting audio tells how the Robinsons came to be castaways -- the parents' plans for space travel and planet colonization, their children's mixed reactions to leaving Earth, and Dr. Smith's treachery that backfires when he's trapped aboard the lost ship. As their ship careens blindly through space, they encounter a mysterious, technologically advanced, but abandoned, space station, where the adventures escalate and their role in the fate of the entire universe becomes clear.