Cyberabad Days

Cyberabad Days

McDonald, Ian

Language: English

Publisher: Pyr

Published: Apr 1, 2009

Words: 103007
Pages: 400


From Bookmarks Magazine Ian McDonald’s chops as a storyteller and visionary have become apparent over two decades of cutting-edge SF—in short stories, novels, and the trickier novellas and novelettes that have often formed the springboard for longer works. The stories in Cyberabad Days showcase those skills, distilling the author’s extrapolation of the present into a cyberpunk, dystopian future that is still fundamentally human despite the increasing dominance of technology in “a world that manages to be convincingly, sympathetically India, but is still created with such light strokes of McDonald’s pen that the reader never gets bogged down in the world-building” (Green Man Review). No matter what form his fiction takes, McDonald has become one of the surest bets in SF. Copyright 2009 Bookmarks Publishing LLC Review "In *Cyberabad Days*, author Ian McDonald returns to the technologically brilliant, parched and i-Dusty India of 2047, an India first visited in his award-winning novel *River of Gods*... McDonald is rightly praised as one of the industry's preeminent SF authors and *Cyberabad Days* is a showcase of his talent. The world he has created on the bled-dry banks of the Ganges is richly textured and alien, detailing lives that are mundane to the characters but foreign and exotic to the readers. The work that went into researching and developing the culture of this future India utopian or dystopian depending on your caste and wealth is obvious. This is a world that manages to be convincingly, sympathetically Indian, but is still created with such light strokes of McDonald's pen that the reader never gets bogged down in the world-building. You can taste the heat of the day on your tongue, feel the press of the crowds in the streets. *Cyberabad Days* is a brilliant, well-paced short story collection that snatches snapshots of life in this powerful, futuristic India. You don't need to have read *River of Gods* to enjoy *Cyberabad Days*, McDonald's world is so immersive it is easy to find your footing in it. The prose is elegant, drawing in lush scenes with a clean economy of language, and the stories riveting. It's an admirable addition to the canon of McDonald's work and one that I'd recommend reading." --**Green Man Review**, January 8, 2009 "He should be reckoned as one of the finest of all our novelists." --****'s*Best Books of the Year So Far: Hidden Gems "One of the most interesting and accomplished science fiction writers of this latter-day era, indeed maybe the most interesting and complished, and certainly the most culturally and musically sophisticated, the **Frank Herbert**, **William Gibson**, or arguably even **Thomas Pynchon** of the early 21st century." --**Asimov's Science Fiction