For Camelot's Honor

For Camelot's Honor

Zettel, Sarah

Language: English

Publisher: F+W Media

Published: Oct 15, 2005

Words: 137924
Pages: 522


A quest of hidden shadows, old gods, and immense power—and the battle for Britain continues! Elen believed nothing could withstand her retribution against her family's killer. The daughter of a Welsh chieftain, Elen would wield her growing powers to destroy her enemy and win back her lands. But then she learned of the power behind the invader—the fearsome sorceress Morgaine, who'd vowed to destroy Camelot . . . Rather than attack Elen directly, Morgaine created an elaborate plan to cause Elen to betray all she held dear, including her new ally, the High King. Still holding fast to hope, facing deadly foes seen and unseen, Elen traveled through the wild mountains to find a magical weapon to strike down the sorceress. Sir Geraint, her only companion, would risk life and love to complete their quest—but never honor. Yet will Elen choose honor and the future over revenge and a shattered past?