Man-Kzin Wars XII

Man-Kzin Wars XII

Larry Niven

Book 12.0 of Man-Kzin Wars

Publisher: Baen

Published: Mar 18, 2010

Words: 93183
Pages: 365


SUMMARY: The kzin, formerly invincible conquerors of all they encountered, had a hard time dealing with their ignominious defeat by the leaf-eating humans. Some secretly hatched schemes for a rematch, others concentrated on gathering power within the kzin hierarchy, and some shamefully cooperated with the contemptible humans, though often for hidden motives. In war and in uneasy peace, kzin and humans continue their adventures, as told by Hal Colebatch, Paul Chafe, and Michael Joseph Harrington, expanding on the concepts created by New York Times best-selling writer Larry Niven.