Tales of the Grand Tour

Tales of the Grand Tour

Ben Bova

Language: English

Published: Nov 15, 2004

Words: 122173
Pages: 511


In novels like *Mars* and* Moonbase*, and *Venus, Jupiter*, and *Saturn*, as well as *Privateers*,* The Precipice*, and *The Rock Rats*, Ben Bova has been telling the stories of the wars and rivalries, the outsize individuals, public crusades, and private passions that will drive us as we expand into the Solar System and make use of its vast resources. And throughout, Bova has shown our cosmic neighborhood as we know it to be, giving us a sense of Venus and Jupiter and the Asteroid Belt and Mars that's as up-to-date as the latest observations. For the last two decades have been a golden age of near-Earth astronomy and observation, and in his novels Bova has made dramatic use of our newest knowledge. But during that time Bova has also written short fiction about some of the same events and characters—-Sam Gunn, Martin Humphries, Klaus Fuchs, Dan Randolph, the Asteroid Wars. Now, in *Tales of the Grand Tour*,...