TLV - 03 - The Sign of the Raven

TLV - 03 - The Sign of the Raven

Anderson, Poul

Book 3.0 of The Last Viking

Language: English

Publisher: Zebra

Published: Jan 1, 1980

Words: 68156
Pages: 286


The saga of Harald Harrede. Poul Anderson's mighty historical epic of the last and greatest Viking King - Harald Harrede - the real-life CONAN. Drunk with battle, Harald hardly saw the men he killed. There seemed to be wings beating over him as his blade rose and fell, smashing down whatever stood before it. A Housecarle chopped at him, but he caught the ax on his sword and drove it back and sank edge into bone. Sending down three men who stood side by side, Harald came up to the English shield-wall chanting the Krakamaal, the death-song of Ragnar.