Altered Reality

Altered Reality

Eliza Green

language: English

Publisher: Eliza Green

Words: 88417
Pages: 381


Being different is accepted. Being special could get you killed.Stephen is haunted by a series of disturbing dreams.Anton is trapped in a medical facility on Earth.Bill Taggart is searching for Anton.What Bill discovers forces him to change course.He must warn the Indigenes.Under orders from Earth's World Government, Dr. Caroline Finnegan studies the imprisoned Anton's genetic code in detail. But when a colleague turns up on the table in her medical facility, her curiosity about the Indigene soon shifts to fear for her own safety.Forced to leave Earth without Anton, the Indigene Stephen is haunted by a series of disturbing dreams. Are they a manifestation of his fear for his friend's safety, or a psychological link to Anton?Knowing what the World Government has done to the Indigenes puts Laura O'Halloran's chances of moving to Exilon 5 in jeopardy. With the extra attention on her at work, she believes her life might also be in danger.Bill Taggart focuses on two things: the search...