The Dog and the Wolf

The Dog and the Wolf

Anderson, Poul & Karen Anderson

Book 4.0 of King of Ys

language: English

Publisher: Open Road Media

Publishing date: Jan 1, 1988

Words: 181896
Pages: 683


In the fourth and final book of the King of Ys series, Gratillonius and the Ysan survivors have one final chance to rebuild in the wake of inconceivable destruction As legendary as King Arthur’s Court and as mystical as Atlantis, the fabled kingdom of Ys has finally fallen, the victim of invading hordes and vengeful gods. Destitute, the remaining Ysans put their faith in their longtime leader, Gratillonius, who protected the city-state of Ys for two decades before it succumbed to the malevolent forces surrounding it. Now more vulnerable than ever, Gratillonius and the Ysans set out to rebuild their beloved city, first with wood and then with stone, providing a fortress against the elements and the marauding King Niall maqq Echach, still on his years-long quest to see Ys turned to dust. While the Dark Ages begin to rise across Europe, the Ysans and their king grasp one last time for survival—lest their history be lost forever. The Dog and the Wolf* is the final book in Poul and Karen Anderson’s King of Ys series, which also includes *Roma Mater*,* Gallicenae*, and *Dahut*. Review “[Poul Anderson is] one of science fiction’s authentic geniuses.” —*Chicago Sun-Times About the Author “[Poul Anderson is] one of science fiction’s authentic geniuses.” —*Chicago Sun-Times