Doors to Nowhere (Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter Series #3-5)

Doors to Nowhere (Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter Series #3-5)

Kneupper, Kevin

Language: English

Published: Jan 18, 2015

Words: 25017
Pages: 91


Demons are dangerous things. They inflame your insecurities, turn your weaknesses against you, and whisper their thoughts into your ears in the darkness. The Vatican wants them locked up, or banished back to Hell. Short on priests and long on money, they’ve had to resort to paying bounties to keep things under control. That means looking outside of the faithful, to mercenaries like Cade Crowley. *Doors to Nowhere* collects short stories #3 through #5 of the Cade Crowley, Demon Hunter Series. *Doors to Nowhere*: The Vatican has a problem, and it wants it swept under the rug. A prominent member of the Knights of Columbus has sold his soul, and the demon's come to collect. Now he's holed up in his mansion, and if Cade wants his bounty, he has to find him before the demon does. *Gospel of Gold and Guilt*: Cade needs money, and fast. He's run up gambling debts that he'll never be able to pay, and has to turn to bounties from outside the Vatican: from a television preacher with a prodigal son, possessed by a demon that's made him run wild. *Fortune's Haze*: A club of psychics is losing its customers to ill fortunes. First it was just divorces and bankruptcies, but now it's murder. They suspect a demon, and they've called in Cade, who has to find it before the next fortune gets told. **