Landor's Cottage

Landor's Cottage

Poe, Edgar Allan

Language: English

Publisher: Booklassic

Published: Jan 1, 1949

Words: 4958
Pages: 18


Landor's Cottage (+Biography and Bibliography) (Glossy Cover Finish):During a pedestrian trip last summer, through one or two of the river counties of New York, I found myself, as the day declined, somewhat embarrassed about the road I was pursuing. The land undulated very remarkably; and my path, for the last hour, had wound about and about so confusedly, in its effort to keep in the valleys, that I no longer knew in what direction lay the sweet village of B, where I had determined to stop for the night. The sun had scarcely shone strictly speaking during the day, which nevertheless, had been unpleasantly warm. A smoky mist, resembling that of the Indian summer, enveloped all things, and of course, added to my uncertainty. Not that I cared much about the matter. If I did not hit upon the village before sunset, or even before dark, it was more than possible that a little Dutch farmhouse, or something of that kind, would soon make its appearance although, in fact, the neighborhood (perhaps on account of being more picturesque than fertile) was very sparsely inhabited. **