The Maid's War

The Maid's War


Book 0.5 of Kingfountain

language: English

Publishing date: Dec 31, 2016

Words: 78883
Pages: 323


What if you knew a story that you could tell no one--except one person? The Duke of La Marche is being held prisoner in a tower over a friendship he never tried to hide. As confidant to the famous Maid of Donremy, the duke should have been a hero. Instead, he was locked up by his king and called a traitor. But this betrayal no longer matters to the duke. What does matter is a promise he made to a young girl--to the Maid. For the Maid had been but a girl once--a girl with a name and her own astonishing story--as he had been but a boy. He knows that one day, when he is old and frail, another girl, a poisoner, will come looking for him. And he will keep his promise--he will reveal to her the Maid's mystery so that destiny will be fulfilled. When Ankarette, the queen's poisoner, arrives in enemy territory on a quest for the Maid's magic sword, little does she realize that she's been chosen--or that the duke's story will alter the fabric of her mission--and the impending war about to tear two kingdoms apart. **