The Dead Love Longer

The Dead Love Longer

Nicholson, Scott

Language: English

Published: Jan 22, 2011

Words: 32612
Pages: 138


"Always surprises and always entertains." - Jonathan Maberry, Patient Zero"He has entered a literary shadowland between Ray Bradbury and Neil Gaiman." - Sharyn McCrumbTHE DEAD LOVE LONGERPrivate investigator Richard Steele must solve his most difficult case ever—his own murder—while caught between women on both sides of the grave. His lover Lee is tangled up in the mess he left behind, and his dead ex-wife Diana has been waiting on the other side for her chance at revenge.In a race against time as his spirit slips away, Richard confronts his many, many failings and faces a power beyond his understanding--love. His only weapon is faith, and he's running out of bullets.It's going to be a hell of a final showdown.