Black Legion: Warlords of Cunaxa

Black Legion: Warlords of Cunaxa

Thomas, Michael G.

Book 3.0 of Star Legions

language: English

Publisher: Swordworks

Publishing date: Aug 19, 2012

Words: 81285
Pages: 313


**Warlords of Cunaxa** is the third **Black Legion** novel in the epic science fiction series** Empires of Terra**, that tells the thrilling tale of Xenophon and the Ten Thousand Mercenaries. Xenophon and his comrades find themselves at the centre of the final phase of the grand expedition, deep into the heart of the Median Empire. After months of infighting, intrigue and combat, the Black Legion has reformed into the single most powerful force seen in a hundred years. The combined fleets of the Black Legion and their Median allies under Lord Cyrus are now poised to take the battle to its inevitable conclusion, an apocalyptical battle with the Emperor of the Median Empire himself to decide the fate of the entire Empire. The titanic forces of both sides meet at the rich world of Cunaxa Secundus, just a few worlds away from the Imperial capital of Babylon Prime. The most powerful warlords of a hundred worlds assemble for war with legions of soldiers, war machines and creatures from every corner of the Empire. Against them stands Cyrus, the usurper who seeks to free the Empire from his brother's reign, as well as his horde of unbeatable Terran mercenaries. The battle of Cunaxa will determine not just the future of Xenophon and his friends, but will also set the course of history for the next thousand years. The Black Legion series includes: Black Legion: Gates of Cilicia Black Legion: Assault on Khorram Black Legion: Warlords of Cunaxa Black Legion: Last Stand Black Legion: Sea of Fire Black Legion: The Eternal Fortress **