Champions of the Apocalypse

Champions of the Apocalypse

Thomas, Michael G.

language: English

Publisher: Swordworks

Publishing date: Apr 20, 2011

Words: 63671
Pages: 236



Running along the edge of survival, this tale will keep you winded and engaged as our heroine and her companions chase a train full of prisoners toward a satisfying, but by no means final, ending. I heartily recommend this well-told tale.- Barbara A. Sullivan

Product Description

A devastating apocalypse has left the world in ruins with entire regions choked by a deadly sickness. There is no form of communication and no central government, just a loose alliance of towns and warbands under the banner of the League. This loose alliance fights a desperate struggle against the raiders and marauders that snap at their borders. Life has returned to a preindustrial time with technology but a distant memory. Survival in this desperate time depends just as much on farming and industry as it does martial skill with the sword or spear.

Synne, daughter of Galan, the leader of the free city of Haven has studied the remnants of the ancient texts and is helping her people understand the old ways of war, science and technology. With this knowledge the League hopes to rebuild society into something stronger and better than any of them have ever experienced. Into this world of strife and violence an unknown enemy strikes without mercy. As Synne is taken away all she can think of is revenge for her family and the destruction of those responsible for her loss.

An exciting sci-fi adventure set in a world born from the ashes of a devastating apocalypse that has cleansed the planet, a world discovering machines, weapons and the secrets of technology for the second time.