The Amber Rooms

The Amber Rooms

Hocking, Ian

Book 3.0 of Saskia Brandt

Language: English

Published: Dec 20, 2012

Words: 105135
Pages: 415


Book three of the award-winning and bestselling Saskia Brandt series. Includes a preview of the next Saskia Brandt book, Looking Glass.

First three books now available in The Saskia Brandt Series Omnibus Edition

It is the night of September 5th, 1907, and the Moscow train is approaching St Petersburg. Traveling first class appears to be a young Russian princess and her fiancé. They are impostors. In the luggage carriage are the spoils of the Yerevan Square Expropriation, the greatest bank heist in history. The money is intended for Finland, and the hands of a man known to the Tsarist authorities as The Mountain Eagle--Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Amazon Reviews

'It is easy to see the ongoing maturing of Hocking's writing skills. ...Recommended.'

'It is a cracking, hard to-put-down read with nice unpredictable plot twists. ...Mr. Hocking's work has always been good and I honestly cannot wait for the next 'Saskia'.'

'Very much looking forward to the next book in the series.'

'The writing is superb, and the plot is brilliant.'

'I read and thoroughly enjoyed the book.'

'These books have terrific characters and a strong narrative and for me lots of questions about the nature of personality and what it is to be human. I would recommend this series to anyone who doesn't mind putting a bit of thought into their reading...and i cant wait for the next outing for Saskia Brandt!'

'I couldn't put it down until the end, leaving me panting for more.'


'I had a hard time putting it down. ... I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a consuming, techno-induced tale of adventure, terrorism, counter-espionage and the human condition..' -- Bookend Chronicles