Mayer, Shannon

Language: English

Publisher: HiJinks Ink

Published: Jan 29, 2012

Words: 16482
Pages: 68



Siblings thrown into the chaos of A Zombie-ish Apocalypse fight to survive a crazed, gun toting woman, packs of zombie-ish creatures, and a slow, sure starvation.

This is a SHORT STORY (5K Words) and was written as just a glimpse into Annie and Dustin's earlier life.

Praise for Sundered

"Full of juicy zombie action meshed with romance to make your heart break. The pace is thrilling and the action doesn't stop!"
Author of "The Guardian", CJ Gosling

". . . an interesting twist on the by-now very tired zombie apocalypse story; it manages to feel familiar and yet fresh at the same time, which is not an easy feat, and kept me reading straight through to the end."
Author of "The Corridors of the Dead", Jonathan D Allen

Praise for Bound

"I love how this series straddles two genres I love, Zombie fiction and Romance. Highly entertaining, I recommend this to anyone looking for a quick engrossing story."                     Jessica Woodman (Reader)

"Like with Sundered, Bound will have you eagerly turning the pages and willfully ignoring the clock, even if you're losing much needed sleep! If you liked Sundered, don't miss Bound!"                                                                                                                                  Nick Andreychuk (Reader)

Praise for Dauntless

"The conflicts come one after the other, keeping you on edge while the last of the humans in the area run for their lives . . . Ms. Mayer kept the romance flowing right till the end."                                                                                                                  Author of the Vicarage Bench Series, Mimi Barbour

"Dauntless was full of twist and turns and did not disappoint. Mayer's writing style just keep progressing and she is so fun to read. She really makes you feel connected to her characters."                                                                                                                       Kandyce Wagar (Reader)

Need a quick Zombie fix while you wait on the next "Resident Evil" movie? Can't fit in a full length novel? Then this Short Story is for you!

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