The God Killers

The God Killers


Language: English

Publisher: iUniverse

Published: Jan 1, 2011

Words: 60507
Pages: 243


Imagine an alternate reality that appears, on the surface, just like our own. However, in this reality, the white light famously reported at the end of our lives is not an escape or deliverance -- it is a trap. A paranormal creature calling itself God in a parallel dimension consumes the souls of humans, devouring their energy to sustain itself. This is the reality that Cipher, Han, Natalie and Father Hurley inhabit in the best-selling, cult hit, horror, paranormal suspense thriller, The God Killers. Each character in this horror suspense thrill-ride has had near death experiences (NDE's) and each was resuscitated before their souls were consumed, coming back to Earth horrified by the truth: there is no exit. Now they must attempt the only course of action available to them: they must kill God. With the help of satanic messages decoded from the nonsensical ramblings of the possessed, the group must piece together the mystery while evading ghosts and demons in this paranormal thriller adventure on their mission to not only save their lives, but, more importantly, their afterlives as well. Ready to get hooked on one of the most original suspense thrillers ever written? Ready for the mystery, the horror, the dark humour, in this paranormal cult masterpiece? No? You better get ready, because in The God Killers, it's not just your life that's on the's the afterlife.