The Guns of Two-Space

The Guns of Two-Space


Book 2.0 of Two-Space War

language: English

Publisher: Baen Books

Publishing date: Oct 1, 2007

Words: 199423
Pages: 870


Sequel to Two-Space War A fragile wooden Ship, complete with canvas sails, was sailing between the stars. This was patently, embarrassingly impossible, of course, but fortunately the Ship didn't know that, and neither did her crew. Actually, it was more like two, old-fashioned three-masted sailing ships, cut off at the waterline and joined together like some bizarre 'siamese twin' of a Ship. And if you happened to be out in interstellar space as the Ship whizzed by, you couldn't actually see it, because it was in another dimension and it was going far, far faster than the speed of light. But it was there, take our word for it. It is six hundred years in the future and mankind has learned to move between the stars . . . by going into Two-Space, the vast realm where sentient wooden ships travel beneath canvas sails in a universe that is corrosive to technology. As they charged headlong into the galaxy, humans discovered others who were already there: The elven Sylvans who live in the vast forests of low-gravity worlds, the dwarven Dwarrowdelf who thrive deep in the mines of high-gravity worlds, and other, far more alien races. The ancient Sylvan race is enchanted by the human culture, embracing Tolkien as prophecy and taking classic human science fiction as a guide. - WebScription.Net