Book 10.0 of America's Galactic Foreign Legion

language: English

Publisher: Penumbra Publishing

Publishing date: Jan 1, 2011

Words: 41588
Pages: 163


Blue is not Captain Joey R. Czerinski’s favorite color – especially not to wear in the New Gobi Desert on planet New Colorado. Blue doesn’t blend with dust and dirt – it’s a beacon inviting terrorists and insurgents to take potshots at him and fellow legionnaires newly assigned as ‘peacekeepers’ to control hostilities between the spiders and scorpions. But whoever put Czerinski in charge of keeping the peace in this volatile area certainly didn’t think things through. A paranoid psychopath interested only in personal gain is not the best babysitter to keep two warring alien factions at bay. With the rise of two new terrorist leaders – one scorpion and one spider – things heat up in a hurry with the threat of nuclear detonation. But there’s always a profit to be made even amid the bombings and riots – even if somebody has to take a dive to fix the fight. And as long as Pizza Hut and Taco Bell keep their doors open, everybody’ll be happy ... at least for a while. An old foe makes another showing and scares the bejesus out of Sergeant Green and everyone else in the hallowed tunnels of the Legion’s armory and detention dungeon. Czerinski and his band face dangers, and sometimes those dangers get the best of a few. Death in war is an inevitability, but the trick is to keep on laughing at Death and going about the business of being the craziest bunch of soldiers this side of the galaxy! Laughter is truly the best arsenal in the tenth installment of the seriously screwy military space saga gone wrong. ** ### About the Author Walter Knight played football on Tucson High School’s last state championship team (1971). He served three years in the army, and the GI Bill paid for his college education, helping him earn degrees from Fort Steilacoom Community College, Central Washington State College, and the University of Puget Sound School of Law. Walter lives a very quiet and private life, residing with his family and horses, dogs, cats, and fish atop a hill in rural Washington. Walt enjoys taking road trips to explore ghost towns and casinos. To find out more about the author and his books, visit his web site.