Alas, Poor Yorick

Alas, Poor Yorick

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Language: English

Publisher: Hidden Knowledge

Published: Mar 15, 2002

Words: 135548
Pages: 551


This book is historical adventure fiction with dramatic interest--it's the "backstory" to Shakespeare's "Hamlet" -- set in Elsinor Castle two decades before the events of the play, and featuring the political affairs and romantic entanglements that will lead inexorably to the events of the Tragedy of the Prince Hamlet.It has treason, murder, illicit love affairs, humor, pathos, and five jesters. And a sense of grim foreboding that mirrors the Bard's own, as one by one, jesters die in mysterious ways.We think it will be extremely popular with the middle-school to college age groups; with all Shakespeare fans; with fans of mysteries, adventure, and historical fiction; and with Yarbro's large loyal following. The author's university degree is in Theater, and her love for the field comes through clearly.