Witch's Reign

Witch's Reign


Book 1.0 of Desert Cursed

Language: English

Published: Jan 25, 2018

Words: 84219
Pages: 332


“This main character has echoes of Rylee Adamson, yet still holds her own flare, the world building is unique and the book has some beautiful snarky humor that left me gobbling it up! The author has a deft hand at bringing bad ass women to life, I can’t wait for book two!”~~Reviewer The Witch’s Reign…a land of unnatural hellish cold ruled over by the Ice Witch herself, who is in turn guarded by three creatures—Wolf, Bear, and Raven. Those lovely beasts derive their power directly from their mistress and just happen to kill any who cross their paths. To get THERE, you first must pass through the Dragon’s Ground. Full of, you guessed it, dragons who for the record, also do not like trespassers. Sounds like a fun place to go, doesn’t it? Yeah, not so much. You see the thing is my best friend, Darcy was sent with a team into the Witch’s Reign to recover a powerful jewel that belongs to our mentor, and they are long overdue to come back. That leaves me, Zamira “Reckless” Wilson to go after my friend because no one else will. Somehow, I get saddled with a human—a male no less!—tagging along for the ride. A human that is as weak and useless as my shifting abilities. Throw in a weapon that might be trying to kill me, and a small dragon that has a penchant for Shakespearean insults, and you’ve got my life in a nutshell. May the sands of the desert swallow me whole because this is going to be a friggin bumpy ride. ** ### Review I am truly in love with this book. **It was pure magic woven into words!** * * * * * * The dynamic between Zam, Lila the dragon, and Maks the human is fantastic. **The banter is hilarious,** especially when they begin to sling insults at each other!  In Witch's Reign, **we have a wonderful underdog story** that is fast-paced and full of action, and who doesn't love an underdog? Or in this case cat! The story is **rich with texture and language.** You won't it to end! ### From the Author *From the World of the Walls...* **The Venom Trilogy- Complete** 1. Venom and Vanilla 2. Fangs and Fennel  3.Hisses and Honey **The Desert Cursed Series** 1. Witch's Reign 2. Dragon's Ground *Coming April 13, 2018* 3. Jinn's Dominion *Coming June 12, 2018*