Fall of Colossus

Fall of Colossus

D. F. Jones

Book 2.0 of Colossus Trilogy

language: English

Publisher: Berkley

Publishing date: Jan 2, 1975

Words: 61144
Pages: 248


Charles Forbin is the Director: the one man on earth who speaks directly to Colossus. Five years before, the American supercomputer & the Soviet supercomputer were united—combining their data, their analytic powers, their learning & growth capacity. In the few seconds of that process, they became one Colossus—master of humankind. Programmed to solve humanity's problems, Colossus solved them: forestalled nuclear holocaust, eradicated poverty & the frustration and violence it breeds. Soon there was nothing for people to do—but obey. Some made Colossus their God, & Charles Forbin was their Pope. Others wanted to be free of Colossus—for Colossus was also ruthless beyond any human tyrant ever—& they wanted Forbin as their deliverer. Either of these movements might get Forbin killed. He is appalled & disgusted by the religious cult, terrified by the rebels—who haven't a chance, as he knows better than anyone on earth. Then Forbin is handed the key to the overthrow of Colossus—or is it? He must commit his life to the chance that it is, just to begin with. Then he must commit the earth to the shadowy motives of the mysterious source of this new power.

—from the dust jacked of the 1st hardcover edition.