Uptown Local and Other Interventions

Uptown Local and Other Interventions


language: English

Publisher: Badfort Press

Publishing date: Feb 1, 2011

Words: 87326
Pages: 360


This new anthology collects for the first time some of Diane Duane's most popular short work -- stories that range across time and space, with a visit to Duane's best-known creation, the seminal "Young Wizards" young adult / urban fantasy series. The anthology contains: * In The Company of Heroes — A billionaire “living the dream” goes on a desperate quest for the one thing he needs to make his life perfect: a very special comic book… * The Rizzoli Bag — A sad young man in a Roman cafe is offered a once-in-a-lifetime bargain… * Out of the Frying Pan — The life of a part-time witch working in a shopping mall is turned upside down in a day… * The Queen and the Thief and the Dragon – A (fairy) tale of the True West, and a young monarch’s solution to a thorny diplomatic problem… * Bears — An ancient sorrow (with a modern twist) wanders through the tumult of a pre-Lenten street carnival… * The Fix — In the dark guts of Rome’s Colosseum, a slave boy with an impossible dream becomes entangled in the machinations of immortals… * Herself — In the heart of Dublin, something is killing the People of the Hills — and it’s going to take Ireland’s only superhero to stop it… * Hopper Painting — Desolation and redemption in a midnight diner, as trapped and desperate characters struggle with the tormented soul of the artist who created them… * The Back Door — Two terrorists meet in Zurich to carry out a very unusual heist with a confederate who’s more dangerous than they imagine… …And of course, the title story, beloved and sought after for a quarter-century by Young Wizards fans, in print again for the first time since being featured in the "So You Want to Be a Wizard" 20th anniversary hardcover: and along with it, the only other Young Wizards short story, "Theobroma." "Duane is tops in the high adventure business." (Publishers Weekly) **