For the Emperor

For the Emperor

Mitchell, Sandy

Book 1.0 of Ciaphas Cain

Language: English

Publisher: The Black Library

Published: Dec 23, 2003

Words: 90850
Pages: 340


Product Description

Commisar Ciaphas Cain - hero of the Imperium and renowned across the sector for his bravery and valour - is sent to help maintain order on an outpost world on the borders of Tau space. But when the alien ambassador is murdered and the situation quickly spirals out of control, Cain and his regiment of Valhallans find themselves in the middle of a war. As the Imperial Guard struggle to contain worldwide civil insurrection, can the wily Commisar Cain identify the real villian before the planet is lost to the Imperium forever ?

About the Author

Sandy Mitchell is a pseudonym of Alex Stewart, who has been working as a freelance writer for the last couple of decades. He has writtten science fiction and fantasy in both personae, as well as television scripts, magazine articles, comics, and gaming material. His television credits include the high tech espionage series Bugs, for which, as Sandy, he also wrote one of the novelisations. Apart from both miniatures and roleplaying gaming his hobbies include the martial arts of Akido and Iaido, rifle shooting, and playing the guitar badly. He lives in a quiet village in North Essex with a very tolerant wife, their first child, and a small mountain of unpainted figures.