Burden of Proof

Burden of Proof

John G. Hemry

Book 2.0 of A Paul Sinclair Novel

language: English

Publisher: Ace

Publishing date: Jan 1, 2004

Words: 90431
Pages: 331


**In John G. Hemry's terrific military science fiction series, a young officer risks everything in his fight for justice . . . **Lieutenant Junior Grade Paul Sinclair must adjust to his new position on the warship USS *Michaelson* \--juggling his Legal Officer responsibilities and his personal life, as his relationship with girlfriend Jen Shen intensifies. When an explosion takes out most of Forward Engineering, Sinclair leads the effort to extinguish the fire. He's practically a hero. But when Captain Shen, Jen's father, is brought in to conduct an investigation, it seems that he's gunning for his daughter's suitor. Soon Sinclair uncovers evidence that points to a cover-up--involving a rising star in the officer corps. His evidence is circumstantial, and the suspect is the son of a powerful vice admiral. Sinclair is determined to see justice done, but is he willing to risk his name, his career, and his future among the stars? ** ### From Booklist Paul Sinclair and the good ship USS *Michaelson* are back in another absorbing and credible novel of space navies and justice. Shortly after the *Michaelson* 's captain is changed and a Lieutenant Silver reports aboard, an engineering accident kills a chief petty officer and does major damage. Suspicion falls on Silver's happy-go-sloppy ways, but there is little proof, and he is the son of a vice-admiral. Moreover, Captain Kay Shen, father of Silver's lover, Jen Shen, conducts the initial investigation that exonerates Silver, and he is fiercely protective of his daughter. Sinclair is walking through a personal and professional minefield as he tries to assemble a trail of evidence sufficient to bring Silver before a court-martial. Fortunately, he enlists enough capable allies to ultimately obtain justice. Hemry's series continues to offer outstanding suspense, realism, and characterization, and this book, no less than its predecessor, *A Just Determination* [BKL Ap 15 03], only ratchets up readers' appetites for more. First-rate military sf. *Roland Green* *Copyright (C) American Library Association. All rights reserved* ### Review * *Praise for* Burden of Proof * * * "Absorbing and credible . . . Outstanding suspense, realism, and characterization . . . First-rate military SF." -- *Booklist* "John G. Hemry cements his position as the best writer of legalistic military science fiction working today." --Rambles "A rock-solid courtroom drama . . . Hemry builds the story's suspense expertly . . . This one will keep you turning the pages with the proverbial bated breath." --SF Reviews "Perfectly capturing the rapid-fire give-and-take and dramatic arguments of shows like Law & Order . . . and throwing in the solid characterization of classic Robert A. Heinlein, the story moves at a fast pace . . . A must for any military-SF fan." --SF Site