The Repairmen of Cyclops

The Repairmen of Cyclops

John Brunner

Language: English

Publisher: Daw Books

Published: Jun 14, 1981

Words: 44139
Pages: 169


Product Description

When the star Zarathustra went nova, the desperate survivors spread out in all directions. Those that found habitable worlds were few and after hundreds of years the Zarathustra Refugee Planets were either forgotten or in quarantine. On Cyclops, an advanced world, an ominous political crisis had developed which threatened to oust the Corps Galactica. Something horribly improper was going on. . . something involving its corps of medical wizards. . . something that might have to do with an undiscovered Zarathustra planet. Gus Langenschmidt's job was to save the Corps base on Cyclops. But it proved to be a life-and-death task on a multi-planet scale.