A Warrior's Legacy

A Warrior's Legacy

Guy S. Stanton III

Book 3.0 of The Warrior Kind

language: English

Publisher: None

Publishing date: Oct 20, 2013

Words: 85474
Pages: 317


The powers of darkness have been vanquished on Roric's world or have they?The revival of having the word of God has brought victory on every front throughout Roric's world, and it is an age of grace. Miracles are common and the word of God is preached everywhere. But Roric is disturbed when one of his twin sons, Gavin, comes to him in the night with a vision of a people strange to them. The vision is clear, there is a people that is in need of deliverance from darkness, but it is not clear where such a place could exist. Roric consults the guardian of secretes beneath Thunder Ridge Castle only to discover that he did not know his world as well as he thought he did. There is another land called Assoria. It is this Assoria his son has had a vision of. Gavin feels the calling to go and preach the word of God to the inhabitants of this new land, but they know almost nothing about this land or its people. To protect Gavin during his ministry a warrior will be needed to accompany such a quest. So Roric sends his capable warrior son Zevin, who is Gavin's twin to accompany his brother on the mission to enlighten the souls of the people of Assoria. Their mission becomes something much more than either brother could have imagined. Entire kingdoms fall as a sorcerer manipulates humanity for his own dark purposes, but deliverance comes from those who walk in the night and shun the light of day. Remnants of a people once great have again been made strong. Will a son of Roric find his legacy and rise to be a king and lead an army such as has never been seen before, to destroy a sorcerer, who wishes to rule supreme over all?