Sceldrant's Comet

Sceldrant's Comet

Michael Rogers

Book 1.0 of The Rostical Guild

Language: English

Publisher: None

Published: Jun 28, 2013

Words: 154585
Pages: 636


Written like it's a script from a video game, a manga and RPG inspired story, follows the events leading up to the first major prophecy. Our heroes, a seven year old Sacred Dancer, a swordsman that despises titles, a warrior with the ability to control the land, a blind archer and the classic white mage try to find a way back to Earth after being transported by a mysterious power. Yet, something doesn't want them to.They encounter foes that wield unimaginable power, battle elemental Guardians and even compete in a race where people die, this fun fantasy filled adventure isn't exactly what they thought it would be!Will our newly formed heroes find a way home? Will they be the best guild? Will they survive in the harsh lands of Rostical? Read to find out!