ACV's 1 Operation Black Gold

ACV's 1 Operation Black Gold

J.W. Murison

Publisher: None

Publishing date: Jun 6, 2015

Words: 191411
Pages: 804


This book is set in an independent Scotland in the near future. When a small group of young soldiers from The 1st Battalion The Gorgon Highlanders, their Officer and NCO's wounded, turn the tide of a war in a single day an investigation is launched. However believing one of their number has committed a war crime, they destroy all the evidence of their involvement and hide themselves behind a bodyguard of lies. Individually they leave the army and slip into obscurity, but ten years later they are called back to the colours, to serve their country in the biggest challenge they will ever meet. Across the great pond politics has turned to businatics and one of the richest men in the world now sits with the biggest army in the world behind him. With his own fortunes dwindling, he misuses his office to launch a war on one of the smallest independent nations in the world. With the whole world in an uproar including his own people, he launches an unprovoked attack on this young nation, however he soon discovers it isn't going to be as easy as he thought.