Life on the Border

Life on the Border

Windling, Terri

Book 3.0 of Borderland

Language: English

Publisher: None

Published: Jul 15, 1991

Words: 108583
Pages: 446


All new stories by Emma Bull, Kara Dalkey, Charles de Lint, Craig Shaw Gardener, Michael Korolenko, Ellen Kushner, Will Shetterly, Midori Snyder, and Terri Windling (writing as Bellamy Bach); song lyrics by Emma Bull. Cover art by Rick Berry (Tor Books edition, 1991)."Life on the Border turns the volume to 11, cranking up the energy and enthusiasm as the authors really hit their groove. It's like the song right before intermission, when the music's clearly gotten into the blood, and everyone's dancing.[T]his volume is one of the best in an outstanding series." The Greenman Review.NOTE: all the "Bellamy Bach" stories in the Borderland series were written by the editor/Borderland founder, Terri Windling.