Language: English

Publisher: Target Yonder

Published: Jun 10, 2011

Words: 87993
Pages: 369


**Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology Mature Audience** 89,000 words Nine unique stories, including three novellas and a novel, from many places on the landscape of imagination, from a dark night on a modern highway to distant stars of the galaxy. Meet a modern vampire taking her chosen companion home to meet her parents and an alien, who hopes humans do well among the other species. People are always asking science fiction and fantasy authors where they get their ideas. Each of these works has a brief introduction that answers that question. ** ### Review *" a fascinating way to read," browncoat* *"unique style allows you to read almost as fast as you can think" Raven's Reviews* ### From the Author Welcome to the 21st century. To elegant, eloquent, charming, sexy men in high society. To a different kind of story, written for the fast-reading smart woman science fiction fan, specifically for electronic publication. Let's solve a problem and build something together, a band of superheroes, or a society that will prevent a thousand years of dark age in a sector. Come meet some presidents and physicists, some gurus and some engineers. Space cops and patriarchs and the strong wise women, who guide and lead them well. We shall create a family and we shall save a world. Bring your imagination and we will use it with mine. So get a cup of coffee, girls, and take it to your favorite chair. The fun is about to begin. Click on Look Inside. Come in and meet my men. Welcome to the 21st century. All works of the Pilot Group are written specifically for continuation. Express permission to use characters and worlds, with acknowledgement of origin, is given for all works by Sharon L Reddy. The author reserves no right of financial remuneration for derivative works published in any media, if such credit is given.