Magic for a Price

Magic for a Price

Monk, Devon

Book 9.0 of Allie Beckstrom

Language: English

Publisher: Penguin

Published: Nov 6, 2012

Words: 94053
Pages: 408


Magic for a Price (Allie Beckstrom Series #9) by Devon Monk **For most of her life, Allison Beckstrom has used magic and accepted the heavy price it exacts. But now that all magic is poisoned, it’s no longer just using people—it’s killing them.** With Portland about to descend into chaos, Allie needs to find a way to purify the wells of tainted magic beneath the city. But the only options left to her are grim: attempt to close down magic forever, or follow her father’s plan to set magic into the right hands—even though she’s learned to never trust his word. Now, Allie will have to make a choice and face the darkness of her own deepest fears, before time runs out for them all…