Dust of Death

Dust of Death

Robeson, Kenneth

Book 32.0 of Doc Savage

Language: English

Publisher: Bantam

Published: Feb 15, 1969

Words: 49628
Pages: 184


Dust of Death The tiny South American republics of Santa Amoza and Delezon were at war when a mysterious, hooded figure - known only as The Inca in Gray - appeared and began slaughtering citizens of both sides with a strange dust that brought instant, writhing death. Doc Savage and his mighty crew rush to the dense Amazonian forest in hopes of saving lives, but all they find when they arrive is a firing squad - ready to execute the Man of Bronze! Authored by Harold A. Davis & Lester Dent. The Stone Man The Man of Bronze and his fearless friends trail the treacherous Spad Ames to the Arizona Badlands. There they encounter the mysterious men who live through the mists - men who can turn flesh into stone. **