Northworld Trilogy

Northworld Trilogy

David Drake

language: English

Publisher: Baen

Publishing date: Jan 1, 1999

Words: 247085
Pages: 943


The inhuman Rulers of the galaxy sent three fleets to learn what had happened to the world located by Captain North and the Survey Team he led. Neither a soul nor a message returned. The fourth time, the Rulers sent a single man: Nils Hansen. Commissioner Hansen had a mind that saw the shortest path to each task's completion and a ruthless determination to do what the task required. The cost - to himself and whoever happened to be in the way - didn't matter. Hanson's Special Units had kept his planet safe from the most sophisticated and violent criminals in the galaxy. Now Hansen was being sent to penetrate a spacetime enigma which had made gods or demons of the first humans to discover it. He would succeed or die. **Northworld:** a place of slashing violence and mystic transformation **Northworld: **a place of treachery and dazzling beauty **Northworld:** a place of honor, of faith, and of love. Hansen's iron will and strong arm confront godlike power and godlike cunning while a galaxy trembles for the outcome. And if Hansen dies - he will not die alone! ### Praise for * The Northworld Trilogy*: "Down and dirty . . . this one blazes!" *— Los Angeles Daily News* "Fast-paced adventure with convincing depth!" —*Publishers Weekly* "Good military SF . . . the action is fast and the tension is high!" —* Locus* " * Northworld* is that rare work-a novel that works on more than one level. A stunning tapestry . . . highly recommended!" — *The SFRA Newsletter*