Starfist: Double Jeopardy

Starfist: Double Jeopardy

Sherman, David

language: English

Publisher: Del Rey

Publishing date: Nov 29, 2009

Words: 109411
Pages: 461


*It may be the twenty-fifth century, but the Marines are still looking for a few good men.* The Confederation has finally disclosed the existence of Skinks, fierce aliens bent on wiping out humankind. While the rest of the universe grapples with the news, the Skink-savvy Marines of the Confederation’s Thirty-fourth Fleet Initial Strike Team (FIST) have their own worries: they’ve just learned they can’t transfer out of the unit. Who else has the skills to fight the Skinks on their home turf when the time comes?  Morale isn’t improved by a report of Skinks on the uncolonized world of Ishtar—which means that FIST must turn around and head right back into the jaws of hell with no downtime. But none of that matters to Lieutenant Charlie Bass and the third platoon of Company L. They’re Marines, they’re the best, and they’ve got a job to do. ** ### From Publishers Weekly Sherman and Cragg (*Starfist: Wings of Hell*) develop their real-life military experience into the realistic undertones of the accessible 14th Starfist novel. Following previous adventures, the Marines of the 34th FIST are now the most active, most highly decorated unit in the entire Confederate Marine Corps. With enlistments extended for the duration and the promise of more combat soon, morale is at an all-time low. When word comes of what might be a Skink attack on planet Ishtar, the 34th is promptly deployed, only to be drawn into battle with the indigenous Fuzzies and an illegal human mining operation. The verisimilitude of quiet moments and combat scenes alike makes for quality military SF. With such a large cast, very few characters get significant screen time or development, and the emotional beats will undoubtedly hold more resonance for longtime fans. *(Jan.)* Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. ### From Booklist The title of the fourteenth Starfist military sf adventure has a double meaning, referring to Lieutenant Bass’s domestic arrangements with the two women committed to him and to what faces the war-weary 34th FIST when it is deployed to the planet Ishtar to face what is believed to be a new threat from the alien Skinks. The 34th becomes caught between the mercenaries of the Sharp Edge corporation and Ishtar’s amiable, intelligent, extremely tough native inhabitants, the Fuzzies. Convincing the Fuzzies that the marines are on their side develops into a life-or-death matter in the best book in the series since Lazarus Rising (2003). Enjoy. --Roland Green