The Maker of Universes

The Maker of Universes

Farmer, Philip Jose

Language: English

Publisher: Ace

Published: Jan 1, 1965

Words: 69039
Pages: 298


When Robert Wolff found a strange horn in an empty house, he held the key to a different universe. To blow that horn would open up a door through space-time and permit entry to a cosmos whose dimensions and laws were not those our starry galxy knows. For that other universe was a place of tiers, world upon world piled upon each other like the landings of a sky-piercing mountain. The one to blow that horn would ascend those steps, from creation to creation, until he would come face to face with the being whose brain-child it was. But what if that maker of universes was a madman? Or an imposter? Or a super-criminal hiding from the wrath of his own superiors? THE MAKER OF UNIVERSES is unlike any science-fiction novel you have ever read, it is wonderfully unique.