Bronze Summer

Bronze Summer

Baxter, Stephen

Book 2.0 of Northland

Language: English

Publisher: Ace

Published: Sep 15, 2011

Words: 131223
Pages: 491


**Stephen Baxter’s “imaginative [and] bold” (*Daily Mail*, UK) *Stone Spring* drew readers into an alternate prehistoric scenario. Now, thousands of years have passed, and a wall that was built to hold back the sea must now hold back the advancing armies of a reviving Troy.... ** Created by the building of the Wall, Northland has become a society of prosperous, literate, and self-sufficient people. Inhabited from end to end, the Wall is a linear city stretching for hundreds of miles, and a wonder of the world. For millennia, the Wall has also kept the growing empires of the Bronze Age at bay. But a new and turbulent age is dawning. For any wall, no matter how strong, can be breached—particularly from within.… **