The Mimic Men

The Mimic Men

Naipaul, V. S.

language: English

Publisher: Vintage

Publishing date: Jan 1, 1967

Words: 95897
Pages: 388


A profound and moving novel that evokes a colonial man's experience in the postcolonial world. Born of Indian heritage, raised in the British-dependent Caribbean island of Isabella, and educated in England, forty-year-old Ralph Singh has spent a lifetime struggling against the torment of cultural displacement. Now in exile from his native country, he has taken up residence at a quaint hotel in a London suburb, where he is writing his memoirs in an attempt to impose order on a chaotic existence. His memories lead him to recognize the cultural paradoxes of his childhood and later life: his attempts to fit in at school, his short-lived marriage to an ostentatious white woman. But it is the return to Isabella and his subsequent immersion in the roiling political atmosphere of a newly self-governing nation that ultimately provide Singh with the necessary insight to discover the crux of his disillusionment.