World War II

World War II

Lewis, Jon E.

Language: English

Publisher: Robinson

Published: Jul 30, 2009

Words: 221588
Pages: 852


Book Description The history of WWII from September 1939 to VJ day through the personal accounts of soldiers, speeches, diaries and official records. The War as told by those who were there. Product Description How will the Second World War be remembered? Not as a series of strategic battles but as a dramatic turning point in world history, recorded through the personal accounts, diaries, and speeches of those that were there. *World War Two: the Autobiography* places centre stage the individual accounts of over 200 people who saw events unfolding before their eyes: from the first stirrings of Nazi aggression, to the phoney war and the Blitzkrieg; from the frozen wastes of the Eastern Front to life under the threat of the Blitz in London. This autobiography offers a panoramic view of the conflict and with entries from all the major figures of the war, including Churchill, Field Marshal Montgomery, Hitler, Stalin and Rommel, as well as accounts from the men and women on the front line, the home front and those unfortunate to be prisoners of war, from all sides of the conflict.