Power That Preserves

Power That Preserves

Stephen R. Donaldson

Book 3.0 of Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

language: English

Publisher: Del Rey

Publishing date: Oct 12, 1987

Words: 165055
Pages: 615


"A trilogy of remarkable scope and sophistication." LOS ANGELES TIMES Twice before Thomas Covenant had been summoned to the strange other-world where magic worked. Twice before he had been forced to join with the Lords of Revelstone in their war against Lord Foul, the ancient enemy of the Land. Now he was back. This time the Lords of Revelstone were desperate. Without hope, Covenant set out to confront the might of the enemy, as Lord Foul grew more powerful with every defeat for the Land.... Review 'An irresistible epic ! imagination, heroism, excitement, made all the more real by Donaldson's deft handling of the rich history of the Land.' Chicago Daily News 'Donaldson has a vivid and unrestrained imagination ! he writes well and wields symbols powerfully.' Washington Post 'Something entirely out of the ordinary ! you'll want to go straight through Lord Foul's Bane, The Illearth War and The Power that Preserves at one sitting' The Times 'The Thomas Covenant saga is a remarkable acheivement which will certainly find a place on the small list of all true classics' Washington Post 'A feast for epic fantasy addicts' Publishers Weekly From the Publisher These books have never received the recognition they deserve. It's one of the most powerful and complex fantasy trilogies since Lord of the Rings, but Donaldson is not just another Tolkien wanabee. Each character-driven book introduces unexpected plots, sub-plots, and a host of magical beings so believably rendered you'd believe you might bump into them on your way to the bookstore.                                                 --Alex Klapwald, Director of Production