The Worlds of Robert Heinlein

The Worlds of Robert Heinlein

Heinlein, Robert A. & Bruce Pennington

Language: English

Publisher: New English Library

Published: Mar 15, 1975

Words: 58405
Pages: 224


What if you had invented a means of predicting a man’s death, and all the insurance companies were going bankrupt? What if you had in your hands the ultimate weapon, for which no defence exists, and you knew that momentarily any other country could discover the same weapon? What if you had to find a young girl, blind and alone, who was lost somewhere on the vast face of the moon? Robert A. Heinlein – winner of three Hugo Awards, and the most honored writer in science fiction – takes it from there in THE WORLDS OF ROBERT A. HEINLEIN, in stories which originally established his exciting reputation, plus a completely new, never-before-published novelette which shows Heinlein at the peak of his ability. It’s a collection no S-F fan can afford to miss!