Empire of the Eagle

Empire of the Eagle

Norton, Andre & Shwartz, Susan

Language: English

Publisher: Tor Books

Published: Jan 1, 1993

Words: 225690
Pages: 944


The young Roman soldier Quintus shares the dream of every man in the Imperial army; to grow old and honorable in its service, to earn his wooden sword and land at life's end. But Quintus is also driven by a stronger need - he longs to reclaim his family's honor that was torn asunder, caught in the bloody arena of Rome's politics. But dreams can turn to dust on the tides of battle, and when his commander Crassus and his legions are defeated at Carrhae (with the might of Rome in disgrace and the golden Eagles - Rome's most honored symbol of power - captured), Quintus is left with little hope, either for his family's salvation...or a lengthy survival. As the struggling remnants of the Roman army are sold as slaves, Quintus (and the Eagles) are destined to go East - forever east as token pawns, tribute to the distant Han Emperor in the far off Land of Gold. Quintus will do as a Roman must - his honor gone, he will follow the Eagle...and strive to somehow recapture the honor that Rome has lost. And so onto the East, out of the logic and honor that is Rome...and into the mists of legend. To see visions of wonder unknown to any Roman. And learn that the Eagle has a power and magic all its own. **