Cleopatra 7.2 (Cleopatra Series)

Cleopatra 7.2 (Cleopatra Series)

Scarborough, Elizabeth A.

language: English

Publisher: Ace

Publishing date: Dec 27, 2005

Words: 95042
Pages: 357


Great Professional Reviews: “A science fiction thriller that feels like a futuristic James Bond. . .The idea of two minds inhabiting one body is a fascinating premise. The way they blend together and respect each other’s personality makes Elizabeth Ann Scarborough’s latest work a fascinating, often humorous speculative fiction.” Midwest Book Review “Scattered throughout the narrative, Scarborough provides amusing asides from the viewpoints of the Cleopatras. The modern day is filled with marvels from the viewpoints of the ancient queens, and Scarborough does a marvelous job of giving the world we take for granted a new angle of understanding. . .[She] has done a fabulous job of researching the past, and through the observations of the two Cleos paints a heartrending picture of loss and yet at the same time presents awe-inspiring descriptions of wonders that have managed, despite war, neglect, and outright vandalism, to survive for millennia to the modern day.” SF Revu “[An] exciting speculative thriller. . . Scarborough deftly weaves her suspenseful web and then untangles the threads with her clear and concise prose, preventing a plot with dual-identity characters from spinning out of control. The DNA-blending concept is fascinating. . . retains the breathless action, frenetic pacing, and dry wit, [of its predecessor] with homages to Elizabeth Peters and Indiana Jones, and will appeal to a wide audience.” ** ### From Publishers Weekly Archeologist Leda Hubbard and her unlikely companion, Cleopatra (yes, that Cleopatra, the product of an experimental procedure "blending" the dead queen's DNA with Leda's), have become partners in Scarborough's cheerful sequel to *Channeling Cleopatra* (2002), despite Leda's "low birth" and Cleo's tendency to plot the murder of every potential rival. Leda and the scientists behind the discovery of blending find themselves dumped by Nucor Helix, the company that owns the technology, just as fellow archeologist Dr. Gabriella Faruk blends her DNA with another sample of Cleopatra's DNA to create a second modern-day Cleopatra to assist in translating the scrolls and papyri from Cleo's tomb. Both Cleos want Egypt to regain its former wealth and glory, and urge Leda to resurrect Marc Antony, using a lock of his hair in a locket interred with Cleo's mummy. Meanwhile, Helix has other plans, which include licensing the blending technique to anyone willing to pay. Scarborough keeps the story moving at a breathless pace through the distinctive voices of Leda and her Cleopatra. With its humorous tone and optimistic heroines and heroes, this science fantasy should appeal to fans of Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. ### Review Humorous...should appeal to fans of Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey. -- **Publishers Weekly**