1636 The Kremlin Games

1636 The Kremlin Games

Eric Flint & Gorg Huff & Goodlett, Paula

Book 1.0 of Ring of Fire

Language: English

Publisher: Baen

Published: Jun 5, 2012

Words: 132343
Pages: 572


After carving a place for itself in war-torn 17th century Europe, the modern time-displaced town of Grantville, West Virginia has established its new mission and identity. Yet some have been left behind—people like goodtime Bernie Zeppi, courageous in battle, but a bust in life. Bernie gets his second chance when he’s hired to help Mother Russia modernize. Now war with Poland is afoot and Russia is about to get a revolution from within—three centuries early! It’s do or die time for good-time Bernie. His task: to save the Russian woman he has come to love and the country he has come to call his own from collapse into a new Dark Age.