Dixon, Larry & Mercedes Lackey

Language: English

Publisher: Turtleback Books

Published: Jan 1, 1998

Words: 138263
Pages: 601


Darian left his home at the edge of the Pelagiris Forest when barbarians attacked Errold's Grove and killed Wizard Justyn. Now, under the watchful eye of the Hawkbrothers, Darian is honing his craft and gaining new mage skills, not the least of which is an affinity for mind-speaking with his closest companion, the Hawk Owl Kuari. Keisha, a nartural-born healer, is proving indispensible in Errold's Grove, but her destiny seems ordinary when compared with her sister Shandi, who is Chosen to be a Herald. But there is much more in store for Darian and Keisha: they have a task, the outcome of which will affect all of Valdemar - and their guide is to be the legendary hero of the Mage-Storms, Firesong himself.