Alternating Currents

Alternating Currents

Frederik Pohl

language: English

Publisher: Penguin Books

Publishing date: Dec 31, 1955

Words: 66103
Pages: 263


Alternating Currents is a collection of science fiction stories by Frederik Pohl:

"Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus" - Alternating Currents '56
"The Ghost Maker" - Beyond Fantasy Fiction Jan. '54
"Let the Ants Try" - Planet Stories '49
"Pythias" - Galaxy Science Fiction Feb. '55
"The Mapmakers" - Galaxy Science Fiction July '55
"Rafferty’s Reasons" - Fantastic Universe Oct. '55
"Target One" - Galaxy Science Fiction April '55
"Grandy Devil" - Galaxy Science Fiction June '55
"The Tunnel Under the World" - Galaxy Science Fiction Jan. '55
"What to Do Until the Analyst Comes (Everybody’s Happy But Me!)" - Imagination Feb. '56 as "What to Do Till the Analyst Comes"