Tunnel in the Sky

Tunnel in the Sky

Heinlein, Robert A.

Book 9.0 of Heinlein Juveniles

Language: English

Publisher: MacMillan

Published: Jan 1, 1955

Words: 73475
Pages: 304


A classic novel from the mind of the storyteller who captures the imagination of readers from around the world, and across two generations The final exam for Dr. Matson's Advanced Survival class was meant to be just that: only a test. But something has gone terribly wrong...and now Rod Walker and his fellow students are stranded somewhere unknown in the universe, beyond contact with Earth, at the other end of a tunnel in the sky. Stripped of all comforts, hoping for apassage home that may never appear, the castaways must band together or perish. For Rod and his fellow survivors, this is one test where failure is not an option....