The Mocking Program

The Mocking Program

Alan Dean Foster

Language: English

Publisher: Aspect

Published: Jan 1, 2002

Words: 87985
Pages: 321


DEATH TRAP Whirling, Inspector Cardenas broke into a desperate sprint. He shouted as he burst out of the hallway, racing for the front door, his lungs pounding. Observing the expression on his partner's face, the sergeant erupted from the couch where he had been relaxing, scattering hardzine and peanuts in several directions. Cardenas's hand reached for the door handle. There was no door handle. He had not looked to see if one was present when they had entered the house. It was, after all, a not unnatural assumption that there would be a matching handle on the inside of the door. But there was nothing, only smooth, wood-grained composite. Nor did the barrier before him respond to verbal command, or the anxious press of hands. From behind them, from somewhere within the distant bedroom, a feminine voice chillingly declared, "Almost ready. I hope you're not getting too bored waiting for me." Then the house blew up. Renowned for his complex, vivid worlds of science fiction, Alan Dean Foster, bestselling author of The Commonwealth and Spellsinger novels, here takes readers to the hard-boiled, high-tech, and fever-hot streets of the Montezuma Strip-a Mexamerican megalopolis of mayhem and murder... HOMBRES MUY MALOS Inspector Angel Cardenas has seen murdered corpses like George Anderson's, but never a case like this. The victim's ID doesn't match his DNA, Anderson's wife and preteen daughter, Katla, are missing, their home has been turned into a time bomb-and mobs from three continents are all hunting Katla. Relying on his training as a nearly telepathic intuit, Cardenas embarks on a search for clues that leads him from the Strip's sex parlors and stimstick clubs, where kids are deadly and music can kill, to an undersea hideout where computer crimes are committed by criminal computers. Yet the closer Cardenas gets to the girl, the closer assassins are getting to them both...