The Demons at Rainbow Bridge

The Demons at Rainbow Bridge

Chalker, Jack L.

Language: English

Publisher: Baen

Words: 116064
Pages: 464


SUMMARY: Three empires and their spheres of influence existed in uneasy proximity in the known galaxy. Oddly, all three empires had only one thing in common: demons.Each had a legend of humanoid creatures with hooves and horns, representing supernatural power and unspeakable evil. The similarity of the legends across the galaxy had led some to theorize that they had some basis in fact. Unfortunately, they were right.On an Earth-like planet in a region of space called Rainbow Bridge, an Exchange scouting expedition has found a mysterious structure with its mechanisms still functioning after unknown aeons. Within are the bodies of two horned creatures, gigantic in stature, perfectly preserved. Some races thought the demon world should be destroyed. The Mycohilians, who perversely revere the demons of their legends, wanted to make it a shrine. And the humans wanted to investigate. That was a fatal mistake for the investigators. The demons were not dead, just sleeping. And their wakening began a terror-filled nightmare for all the galaxy!